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Information on different types of Press Brakes- Hydraulic Press Brakes, Mechanical Brake Presses, CNC Press Brakes for Sale or Trade

When looking for a used Press Brake, or Brake Press, you need to know what type of press you are looking for. Press brakes come in all sizes and with many different options. There are many popular brands such as Cincinnati, Niagara, Chicago, Wysong, Amada just to name a few.

  • Mechanical Press Brakes

  • Mechanical LathesView Machines The basic power principle offers a rigid ram level. Mechanical press brakes are easier to overload. Difficult to bring ram close to material for scribed line work. Difficult to control bending speeds. Skilled operator needed to slip clutch. Clutches require adjusting. Mechanical brake presses don't enable you to adjust the stroke legnth. You must complete the revolution and cycle the machine completly, you can't return the ram at any position of the stroke. Read more: Buyers Guide | Sterling Machinery more info at -
  • Hydraulic Press Brakes

  • Hydraulic LathesView Machines Is the safest, and most expensive. They are generally slower and have more of a precise bend. Hydraulic Press Brakes have a better control when inching down and setting up for your bend, they also can return to the top at any time. Hydra-Mechanical Press Brakes
    Rotary hydraulic cylinder turns the eccentric shaft by means of rigid mechanical linkage to both ends of the ram, distributing power equally over its full length. This basic power principle offers the operational control and safety of the hydraulic principle plus the rigid ram alignment, accuracy and operating speeds of the mechanical press brakes. With a Hydra-Mechanical press brake design the operator is in full command of the job. He can meter out just the right amount of fluid to move the ram the exact distance needed. With a Hydra-mechanical press brake you can easily inch the ram down for scribed line work, and easily locate the stroke bottom for setting up. This gives more accuracy, less operating time, and less training is needed. The Hydra-mechanical advantage allows you to instantly stop or start anywhere in the cycle, and allow reversal of stroke direction at any position. Different from a mechanical press brake that can only return the ram to the top after the cycle is complete.
  • CNC Press Brakes

  • CNC LathesView Machines CNC press brakes are the latest in manufacturing. They can have multiple axis Backgauges, and you can program them to do different bends. This is the most expensive and the best for production. That should give you a basic rundown on how to purchase a press brake.
  • Box & Pan/Hand-Manual Press Brakes

  • Box & Pan/Hand-Manual LathesView Machines In a box-and-pan brake, the clamping bar includes several removable blocks, which may be removed and rearranged to permit bending of restricted areas of a piece of sheet metal or of already partially formed pieces. After bending, a box or pan form is then completed by screw, solder, weld, rivet, or other metal fixing process.