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Information on different types of Lathes- Engine Lathe, Precision Lathes, Toolroom Lathes, CNC Lathes, Chucker Lathe For Sale or Trade

  • Engine Lathes

  • Engine Lathes LathesView MachinesIs the most popular and can be used for a multitude of task such as most solids of revolution, plane surfaces and screw threads or helices.
  • Precision Lathes

    Precision Lathe Lathes
  • View MachinesA precision Tool Room lathe is for super precise work. The most popular Precision lathe is a Hardinge, known as the Ferrari of Lathe machines, out of the factory they hold up to 50 Millionths tolerance. Precision Toolroom Lathes offer high production of precision parts requiring consistent accuracy, and ease of operation. These lathes can also thread with great accuracy in inch or metric.
  • CNC Lathes

  • CNC Precision LathesView MachinesA computerized lathe used to create detailed solid objects from a single piece of wood or metal. Using a sophisticated computer software, the precision lathe can produce a near-finished product with minimal waste. A lathe functions by spinning the raw materials while cutting, drilling, sanding, knurling or deforming. The use of a lathe produces a finished product that is symmetrical along the axis of rotation.
  • Second Operation & Chuckers Lathes

  • Second Operation Lathes LathesView MachinesAlso known as Turret, is an indexable toolholder that allows multiple cutting operations to be performed, each with a different cutting tool, in easy, rapid succession with no need for the operator to perform setup tasks in between (such as installing or uninstalling tools) nor to control the toolpath. (The latter is due to the toolpath's being controlled by the machine, either in jig-like fashion [via the mechanical limits placed on it by the turret's slide and stops] or via IT-directed servomechanisms [on CNC lathes].)
  • Right Angle T Lathes

  • Right Angle T Lathe LathesView MachinesOtherwise known as T-Lathe
  • Horizontal Turning Center Lathes

  • Turning Centers Lathes

Basic Information

The basic lathe that was designed to cut cylindrical metal stock has been developed further to produce screw threads, tapered work, drilled holes, knurled surfsces, and crankshafts. The typical lathe provides a variety of rotating speeds as a means to manually and automatically move the cutting tool into the workpiece. Machinists and maintenance ship personnel must be throughly familar with the lathe and its operations to accomplish the repair and fabrication of needed parts

Size: The size of an engine lathe is determined by the largest piece of stock that can be machined. Before machining a workpiece, the following measurments must be considered: the diameter of work that will swing over the bed and the length between lathe centers.