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Information on different types of Drills

    • Floor Type (Heavy Duty)

    • Floor Type (Heavy Duty) Drills
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      A floor drill press is one of the more powerful types of drills and can be used on a wide range of materials. Floor drill presses generally have motors up to 3/4 horsepower.

    • Radial Drills

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      A radial drill is a machine used to drive an abrasive wheel (or wheels). Depending on the grade of the grinding wheel it may be used for sharpening cutting tools such as lathe tools or drill bits. Alternatively it may be used to roughly shape metal prior to welding or fitting.

    • Multi-Spindle Drills

    • Multi-Spindle DrillsView Machines

      Like Timesaver, AEM, and Ramco use a large belt to sand off a flat piece with a conveyor feeding the pieces through.

    • Turret Drills

    • Turret DrillsView Machines

      A single-spindle or gang drill in which the spindle supports a head carrying a number of tools and so designed that each tool may in turn be brought to a position suitable for performing its function.

    • Gun & Horizontal Drills

A drill is a machine tool used for boring holes with facilities for lowing the tool to the workpiece. There are many different types of drills, all set up for different applications.

  • Spindle Drills
  • Radial Arm Drills
  • Floor Drills
  • Geared Floor Drills
  • Turret Drills