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Information on different types of CNC machines

  • CNC Press Brakes

  • CNC Press BrakesView Machines

    CNC press brakes are the latest in manufacturing. They can have multiple axis Backgauges, and you can program them to do different bends. This is the most expensive and the best for production. That should give you a basic rundown on how to purchase a press brake.

  • CNC Grinders

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    A CNC grinding machine is a machine tool used for producing very fine finishes or making very light cuts, using an abrasive wheel as the cutting device. This wheel can be made up of various sizes and types of stones, diamonds or of inorganic materials. There are many different types of grinders, all set up for different applications. CNC Surface Grinders, CNC Cylindrical Grinders, CNC Centerless Grinders are a few types of Production Automatic and Programmable Grinders.

  • CNC Benders

  • Vertical MillView Machines

    CNC Tube, Pipe and Bar Benders are used to form many different shapes. Also known as Muffler Benders, Mandrel Tube Benders and Job Shop Benders these machines can sometimes be programmable or CNC for easy repeatability and greater accuracy of your product. Jobs can be saved and recalled at any time to avoid setup times and worker error.

  • CNC Machining Centers

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    CNC Horizontal And Vertical Machining Centers are state of the art Computerized Milling Machines. Companies such as HAAS, FADAL, OKUMA, MAKINO, and MAZAK have made these machines extremely popular. Before CNC machines machinist had to use Manual Vertical and Horizontal Milling Machines. This was good for one-of-a-kind pieces but for any production work it would be tough to replicate. Now with CNC a Qualified Machinist repetitive jobs are quick and easy. After entering the program which can be stored by internal memory or external memory you can draw from the program at any time to repeat the job. This saves time and improves on quality of your product.

  • CNC EDM 

  • EDM CNC MachinesView Machines

    CNC Electronic Discharge Machines are used to cut very precise holes in many different types of metals. This machine can be CNC Programmed to save and repeat specific jobs that would usually require long setup times.

  • CNC Milling Machines

  • CNC MillsView Machines

    Are the top of the line. CNC Mills or Machining Centers are Computer Numerical Controlled and can vastly speed production and set up time. With a CNC mill you can program your job and save the information to use later; this helps reduce operator error and set up.

  • CNC Lathes

  • CNC LathesView Machines

    A computerized lathe used to create detailed solid objects from a single piece of wood or metal. Using a sophisticated computer software, the precision lathe can produce a near-finished product with minimal waste. A lathe functions by spinning the raw materials while cutting, drilling, sanding, knurling or deforming. The use of a lathe produces a finished product that is symmetrical along the axis of rotation.

  • CNC Punches 

  • CNC PunchesView Machines

    CNC single end punches or Turret Punches are a very popular item in many shops. A single end CNC Punch can move usually smaller sheets of steel, aluminum, plastic, stainless or a variety of other materials and punches precision holes. These CNC Punches can Punch many shapes such as rounds, squares, oval, and oblong. A CNC Turret Press has a rotating computerized turret that spins and allows for many different shapes to be tooled and ready to go. Once the controller is programmed the material will move according to the program set as well as punch the different holes all over the material.